Picture of me

Angus Findlay

Fullstack Engineer based in London.

Zoomed in platelet code


A lightweight, HTML-first templating library

10 Apr '24
Zoomed in Django template code

Templating & Power

Reflecting on different ways of rendering HTML pages

7 Jan '24
Generating the 100th fibonacci number

Simple Haskell Memoization

@functools.cache-style Memoization in Haskell

12 Dec '23


Guess the country from the TLD.

6 Aug '23
Youtube video thumbnail

Rust-friendly websites and web apps

Recording of a talk I gave at Rust & C++ Cardiff

26 Apr '23
575 Logo


A haiku app for the 21st century

17 Apr '23
some drawings from five-seven-five

Drawing with React Native

Creating a touchscreen drawing input from scratch in less than 100 lines of code

12 Mar '23
Bar chart showing speeds of the rust and elixir compilers

Rust Compiler Speed Case Study

A comparison of the Elixir and Rust compilers

1 Mar '23
The Elm logo and the Astro logo

Introducing the Elm integration for Astro

A new integration for server side rendered, hydrated Elm island components in your Astro project.

5 Dec '22
Screenshot of the pinyin buttons on the website

Learn Mandarin Chinese's Tones

A tiny audio quiz, written in Elm.

20 Nov '22
River of Junk

Expiring Feature Flags

Keeping feature flags under control one tiny eslint plugin.

15 Oct '22
TCP slow start graph

The 14kB Website Myth

Why your website doesn't have to be under 14kB in size.

3 Sep '22
The Pyright Logo on Fire

Fixing Dan and Aydın's Pyright Error

How learning about Variance helped me fix a Pyright error.

4 Aug '22
Playlist To Graph


See your Spotify artists as a connected network (currently awaiting approval)

26 Jul '22
PICO-F Event Graph


Experimenting with interactive creative coding & creating a friendly interface for the Elm Architecture.

19 Jun '22
Range Picker Calendar


An opinionated, simple but highly customizable calendar library for React.

2 Jun '22
Faux-Controlled Components

Faux-Controlled Components

What my team learned after spending 2 days fixing npm's worst React calendar component.

13 May '22
Visual Studio Code being replaced with Neovim

How to Uninstall VS Code

How to replace Visual Studio Code with Neovim.

25 Mar '22


Wordle for vim fans.

18 Mar '22
The Elm logo

Intro to Elm for React Developers

How Elm takes a novel approach to creating frontend applications, and what React developers can learn from it. Originally written for the Theodo Blog, published in the React Newsletter.

25 Oct '21
Java Visualiser Extension

Visualise Java Projects in Visual Studio Code

A Visual Studio code extension to make large Java codebases more accessible.

6 Dec '20
Code Genius

Code Genius

A Rap Genius inspired website for people learning to code.

9 Sep '20
Chinese Character

Learn Chinese & Japanese Characters

A tiny quiz web app for Hanzi/Kanji, written in Elm.

27 Jul '20
A Cy Twombly painting, pixel sorted


Some small programs for intentional aesthetic image-glitching, written in Haskell & Elm.

9 Dec '19
Algorithmically generated plants

Functional Plants

Experimenting with functional programming & data structures to create live animations of plant growth.

25 Jun '19
Songscore landing page


A music reviewing platform, built with Elm & Elixir.

16 Jul '17